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A guide to returning to class

Before you read on, have you booked your class space? The government requirements are that all classes must be booked in advance to help with track and trace. Please book via the 'Student Area' page under 'More'.

Whilst we are incredibly excited to be returning to classes from Monday 27th July, we understand that things will be a little different for the short term. To help ease everyone back into class and to help make the transition to the revised arrival and class structure, I've put together this quick guide - Mr J

1. Parents, encourage your kids to go to the loo before you leave. Don't let them drink loads en-route to class, the toilets aren't available due to government guidelines. Only one responsible adult is to enter the yard per child please.

2. Leave the house in your training kit as, the same as the toilets, the changing rooms have to remain out of use.

3. If you or your child cannot tie your belt, please don't bring it as we won't be able to tie it for you.

4. Are you usually late for class? Time to fix that as we won't be able to let you or your child in if you arrive late. Make the new norm to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. Once the class is running we won't be able to get to the back door to let you in as the students will need to remain in their individual social distanced spots.

5. When you arrive the new entrance is the backdoor via the back yard. An entry order will be stuck in the window, please wait to be invited in one at a time to sanitize hands and take up a space on the floor according to your allocated number. The responsible adult will then be asked to take away any belongings of the student (coats, shoes etc).

6. Parents - Sorry but you can't stay in the gym or back yard. Please note, Dragons classes are 30 minutes, Juniors 35 minutes. This temporary change to class times is to accommodate cleaning between sessions and to ease everyone back in after 4 months out.

7. Pick-up after classes is via the front-door. On nicer days, collection is from the door. If it is raining, one adult may enter one at a time onto the area marked out inside the front door. Students will leave in the order they came in.

8. Adult students. Your arrival and leaving system will be slightly different. Upon arrival you will be allocated a step on the stairs directly in front of the new entrance. Student one will go to the step marked '1' and so-on. At the end of class, student 5 will leave first and exit the way you arrived. As all adult classes are the final class of the evening, there is no concern over clashes with others arriving.

**No students will need kit bags, sparring kit etc unless we give advance notice**

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